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 TermSound IllustrationPartTranslation/DefinitionContext Sentence TranslationMF1Topic
ɂah1.1.mp3~/media/T.1.3.jpgNsnowshoeseɂaàmy snowshoe1.1.mp3Travel - Clothing And Footwear - Tools And Equipment -
ɂàh14.1.mp3~/media/T.14.3.jpgNfog; mistɁàh gǫ̀hłı̨.It's foggy.14.1.mp3Sky And Weather -
ɂàh daetseNo SoundVit is misty   Sky And Weather
ɂah ets'aèhmǫǫ̀No SoundNsnowshoe (round nosed)   Travel - Clothing And Footwear - Tools And Equipment -
ɂàh gǫ̀hłı̨No SoundVit is foggy   Sky And Weather
ɂahkeèNo SoundNsnowshoe tracks   Travel - Clothing And Footwear - Tools And Equipment -
ɂahkwı̀No SoundNsnowshoe front   Travel - Clothing And Footwear - Tools And Equipment -
ɂahkwı̀ ekw'aNo SoundNsnowshoe front crosspiece   Clothing and Footwear
ɂahkwı̀ łeetł'ı̨ı̨No SoundNsnowshoe front joint   Clothing and Footwear
ɂahkw'ǫǫ̀No SoundNsnowshoe frameɁahkw'ǫǫ̀ k'èè deghànı̨tǫ/ deghàı̨tǫ.One snowshoe frame is hanging up. Travel - Tools And Equipment -
ɂahtł'àNo SoundNsnowshoe back   Clothing and Footwear
ɂahtł'à ekw'aNo SoundNsnowshoe back crosspiece   Clothing and Footwear
ɂahtł'ıı̀No SoundNsnowshoe strap   Clothing and Footwear
ɂahtsoNo SoundNlarge snowshoe for hunting   Clothing and Footwear - Hunting and Fishing
ɂe k'e whelaaNo SoundNparka or jacket trim   Clothing and Footwear
dı̀ı̀ ats'ı̨t'eNo SoundVbe determinedDı̀ı̀ agı̨t'e dı̀ı̀ ne.They are really determined. Mind and Spirit
ɂechà 18.1.mp3Nslip; lingerie; skirtɁechà yı̀ı wheda.She is wearing a slip.18.1.mp3Clothing And Footwear -
ɂedzaakweèNo SoundNdiamond   Mining
ɂedzıı̀wıı̀No SoundNblouse   Clothing and Footwear
ɂeh20.1.mp3~/media/T.20.3.jpgNjacket; coat; dress; skirtɁeh dek'oo wets'ǫ.She has a red jacket20.1.mp3Clothing And Footwear -